Audi All Wheel Drive Vs. Four Wheel Drive


AWD vs 4WD - What's the Difference

Currently, the automotive market has a variety of vehicles that comes with different features. Depending on the make, model, year, and color you want, you might have a chance to pick between 4WD and AWD. However, most car owners think that these two systems are similar, but they are not. To help you choose the right system that suits you perfectly, we have come up with significant differences that set the two systems apart.

What is All-Wheel Drive?

All-wheel drive is when the powertrain powers both the rear and front wheel of the car. This system comes in two options a part-time system and a full-time system. A part-time setup uses two-wheel-drive mode, but when you need more traction, it switches to AWD. A full-time mode utilizes all four wheels to move the car continuously.

One beauty of the all-wheel drive system is that the driver does not need to engage the system. However, some models offer drivers more choices for control. All wheels will receive power through a set of clutches, couplings, and differentials in this system.

What is Four -Wheel Drive

Most large machines like trucks and SUVs come with a four-wheel drive system. This system transfers power to all four wheels by using a set of differentials in the rear, center, and front alongside couplings and transfer cases.

Like the AWD system, this system comes in two modes; full-time and part-time, and the powertrain will transfer power to all-wheel of the vehicle. However, with this system, you can choose between high and low range modes when driving. Low range setting enables the driver to acquire high traction levels, while high range setting is crucial for road surfaces, which are slick like gravel, snow, and sand. You can use a lever or electronic switch to change and alter the setting.

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