If you drive a performance-oriented car like an Audi, chances are good that you want to keep it in top shape. This means that when a part goes bad, you want to have the best possible replacement component. Fortunately, you can head to a certified dealership like ours, where you'll get personalized attention and your car will get top quality care. We exclusively use parts called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, which are the highest quality replacement parts available for a car. OEM parts come in all varieties, including tires, engines, mirrors, and fenders. Regardless of the part that's broken on your Audi - big or small - contact us for assistance, and we will either schedule an appointment to have your car fixed or let you know when we can order the part and take care of the problem.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

Guaranteed Quality

As a customer, you have two options when it comes to replacement car parts. And the choices also largely depend on where you go for repairs. If you visit a certified dealership, you will be getting Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. In contrast, if you go to an independent mechanic, you will probably get aftermarket parts. OEM parts are built by the same company that makes your car (such as Audi). The replacement parts are designed specifically to fit the exact model and trim level of car that you drive. In contrast, aftermarket parts are made by a third party manufacturer. They are often produced in inconsistent quality, and they are not created to fit precisely the same way as the original part. The difference in quality can lead to a change in performance, longevity of the part, and even safety and handling.

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OEM Brakes and Parts

The advantage of OEM parts over aftermarket parts in the area of warranty is significant. Because they are made by a reliable and reputable manufacturer, OEM parts leave the production line backed by a warranty, which is typically one year or longer. This means that if the same part breaks down while it's covered by a warranty, you can have the part replaced at no cost. And what sweetens the deal even more is that many OEM parts have a nationally recognized warranty. So if the part breaks down when you're away from home, you can bring it to the closest Audi dealership to have it replaced at no charge. Alternatively, there is no warranty coverage for an aftermarket part, which means that the parts performance is a matter of luck when you leave the shop.

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Since OEM parts are built by the same manufacturer that designed your car, they are built precisely to fit the part that needs to be replaced. This ensures a good fit, and it means that anyone who is familiar in servicing your vehicle will be able to complete the repair without a problem. Alternatively, aftermarket parts have a much more imprecise fit. They are built by a third-party manufacturer, which means they are not always an identical replacement for the broken part. For the best selection of OEM parts, visit us today or contact us to order a specific part.


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