When you drive home in a new Audi, you want some assurance that your vehicle is free from defects. For customer satisfaction and quality assurance, Audi backs its new vehicles with factory warranties. Factory warranties are included on all models beginning in certain model years. The warranties cover replacing and repairing all original components in the car due to manufacturing defects or faulty workmanship. Audi Springfield also offers additional coverage called MPP plans to give your vehicle (and your wallet) an added layer of protection beyond the scope of the factory warranties.

New Vehicle Limited Warranty

A warranty that comes standard with all new vehicles purchased from Audi is the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. This warranty covers the cost of replacing or repairing original components on your Audi if they break or are defective in the first four years of vehicle ownership or the first 50,000 miles driven. The warranty provides coverage until it expires, which means it can transfer to successive owners.

Corrosion Warranty

Along with a New Vehicle Limited Warranty, your Audi is also covered by a Corrosion Warranty. The Corrosion Warranty also starts at the same time that the New Vehicle Limited Warranty takes effect. However, the Corrosion Warranty protects your vehicle for up to 12 years. The Corrosion Warranty covers costs for replacing and repairing components if they fail during that time. There is no mileage limit with this warranty.

Roadside Assistance

The automaker's Roadside Assistance warranty will also cover a new Audi. After the first four years of vehicle ownership, your vehicle will be eligible for 24-hour emergency roadside assistance if the car breaks down due to faulty manufacturing or parts break under normal wear. The cost of associated towing expenses is covered through this warranty.

First Scheduled Maintenance

Another factory warranty that comes with your Audi is financial coverage for the first scheduled maintenance. You will get complimentary maintenance on your vehicle for the first 12 months of vehicle ownership or the first 10,000 miles you drive.

Audi Springfield MPP Plans

Audi Springfield's MPP plans are vehicle service contracts that provide your vehicle with extended coverage. If you have an older Audi that doesn't qualify for factory warranties, MPP plans may be right for you. Audi Springfield's MPP plans include protection from lease wear, GAP coverage, and extended Audi service contracts.

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