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While you might not be able to fix the problem yourself, you can sometimes tell when all is not well with your car. One symptom that you may notice is shaking or vibrating when you drive. While there are multiple causes for a vehicle to shake, most issues originate in major components, including the tires and brakes. Therefore, it's critical to have an expert technician evaluate your vehicle to diagnose and fix the problem.


Engines don't have an infinite lifespan, and neither do their parts. The engine in your car is made up of other smaller components that can break or wear out. When they do, engine problems result. Two parts that may cause shaking when they go bad are the engine air filter and spark plugs. If the air filter looks dirty upon inspection, it will probably prevent clean air from reaching the engine, which hinders its performance. The air filter can also get contaminated, which necessitates replacement. The spark plugs generally last 80,000 – 100,000 miles, with some variation by model and vehicle type. If the air filter doesn't appear to be clogged, the issue likely lies with the engine's spark plugs.


Your car's brakes are subject to a high degree of stress as you drive, particularly the front brakes. As with the engine, the brakes don't last forever. The brakes also contain several parts that may wear out and need replacement. Two that need to be replaced from time to time are the rotors and brake pads. Both can wear out from the demands of regular driving. The brakes should be inspected about every 50,000 miles for signs of wear. If you notice that your car is shaking, they may need to be replaced sooner. Our technicians will gladly check the condition of your vehicle's front and rear brakes to determine if they need to be serviced.


Shaking in the wheels can also cause the steering wheel to feel loose or wobbly when you drive. If the wheels are the source of the shaking, the underlying problem may be due to bad wheel bearings, ball joints, or tie rod ends, which are all components that can become damaged or wear out naturally with age. Shaking can also be attributed to a wheel not spinning as it should.


Every car has two sets of axles – one on the front end and one in the back. The axles can become damaged if the vehicle is involved in a collision or subject to sudden impact, such as if you get into a car accident. They can cause shaking if they are damaged or dented as a result.


Tires may cause your vehicle's shaking if they are underinflated, out of alignment, not filled to the proper inflation level, or improperly balanced.

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