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How Often Should I Service My Audi A4?

Your Audi A4 needs to have maintenance throughout its life to stay in top condition. Keeping your Audi correctly maintained will also reduce the risk of safety problems, and it can translate to you spending less money on car repairs. Your Audi A4 maintenance schedule is located in the owner's manual that accompanies your car. It's imperative to follow this schedule for proper Audi A4 service intervals, as the type of service required and the mileage at which a car is due for inspection varies from one car to the next.

15,000-Mile Service

Your Audi will be due for its first routine maintenance when it reaches 15,000 miles. The 15,000-mile checkup involves an inspection of the car's mechanical components and its safety elements. The oil will be changed on your Audi, and its engine oil filter will also be replaced. The engine filter is essential, as it keeps dirt and debris from reaching the engine, which allows the engine to operate smoothly and more efficiently. Your Audi will have its external safety amenities checked at 15,000 miles as well, which includes the windshield wipers and the headlights.

30,000-Mile Service

The next scheduled service for your Audi A4 takes place at 30,000 miles. When your car reaches this point, it will have another oil change. The engine filter may also be changed to ensure optimal engine longevity and performance. Keep in mind that the engine filter may need to be replaced more frequently depending on your driving habits and location, such as if you live and drive in a dusty location. The tires may be rechecked at 30,000 miles to ensure they are properly inflated and are not wearing out unevenly.

60,000-Mile Service

Your vehicle will be due for another inspection at 60,000 miles. When it hits this point, the brakes and brake fluid levels will be evaluated. The brake fluid may be replaced, along with parts on the brakes themselves, such as the brake pads and brake rotors. Your vehicle's coolant fluid levels will be checked, and the coolant fluid may need to be changed. The battery will also be checked to make sure it has sufficient amounts of power and isn't leaking or showing other problems.

90,000-Mile Service

When your car reaches 90,000 miles, it will have the spark plugs replaced if they haven't been changed yet. The oil will be changed, along with the transmission fluid. The power steering fluid levels will also be checked.

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