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If your Audi is compatible with satellite radio technology, you can look forward to accessing a range of benefits, including an expanded selection of radio stations, podcasts, and more. Every Audi that offers satellite radio comes with a free three-month trial period to start. After the trial period ends, you can continue listening to satellite radio if you purchase a satellite radio subscription.

How Do I Subscribe to Satellite Radio for My Audi?

To activate the satellite radio subscription on your Audi, you will need to have the dealer app installed on your phone. The app can be downloaded through either Google Play or the Apple App Store, depending on the type of phone you use.

After downloading the app, if you don't have it already, the next step in activating your subscription is making sure that your car's radio is on and active. Satellite radio comes with a number of channels and services that are available for Audi owners. If you haven't already explored the radio stations and features available, ask a representative at our dealership to provide more details on the radio stations and channels. An associate can also help you preset your favorite radio stations for easy and convenient access.

Transferring a Satellite Radio Subscription

Along with activating satellite radio in a new car, you can also transfer satellite radio from your old vehicle to a new Audi. If you no longer own the vehicle, you can also deactivate your satellite radio account. If you want to transfer a satellite radio subscription from one car to another, visit the SiriusXM website to complete the transfer or call the SiriusXM listener hotline for instructions. You will need to have the old and current Radio ID numbers available to complete the transfer.

Satellite Radio Benefits

After your free satellite radio trial ends, you can upgrade to the Premier subscription for a minimal monthly payment. The Premier subscription provides you with all the great services and conveniences available from SiriusXM, including more than 300 different channels that you can listen to in your car and on other devices while you're at home. Your subscription provides access to ad-free music covering a broad range of genres. You'll have access to talk radio, sports talk, entertainment, comedy, news, and more. You can also download thousands of videos and television shows on demand.

For more information on satellite radio or activating a subscription in your Audi, contact our dealership today.

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