Audi Driver Assist Features  

High-tech driver-assist features like Park Assist are born from Audi engineers and curated for those who dread the act of parking. Audi realized early on that stable, high-tech parking assist features would up its luxury vehicles' value. Park Assist is a recent platform that uses optical, acoustic, and ultrasound signals and a rearview camera to make parking much more effortless. The platform does more than let you see the rear of your vehicle with a camera. It eases your Audi model into parallel and perpendicular spots and takes electromagnetic control of your parking. Just let it do the work.

Which Audi Models Have Park Assist?

The Park Assist can be found on the:

  • A3
  • A4
  • A5
  • Q5
  • Q7
  • TT coupe
  • SQ5
  • A5 Cabriolet
  • S5 Cabriolet
Parked 2021 Audi S5 Cabriolet  

More models were added to the 2020 lineup and equipped with Park Assist. Drivers who dread parking won't have to dread it anymore if they choose the Audi brand. Park Assist works with different types of signals and a rearview camera. Your Audi model is equipped with extra eyes and ears to help you make every parking attempt a successful one. You'll find it is easy to set up in your touchscreen menu and will come with a helpful app that helps you immediately pinpoint its location and all of its instructions. The touchscreen itself is a useful point-by-point guide to the Park Assist feature. We can even show you how to set it up if you visit us here at our Springfield dealership location. Our team is always up to demonstrate the usefulness of one of Audi's safety features.

Request More Information

Using Park Assist is easy once you've got the hang of it, but for new owners, you might have some questions about the way it works. Our dealership is here to take your questions and help you learn the easy-to-use Park Assist feature by Audi. Write to us, call us, or stop by and get a full demonstration of how Park Assist works. Our team is always glad to help our customers.

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