The Battle of the European Luxury Car Brands: Audi vs BMW

Audi's Performance

As some of Germany's most successful automotive manufacturers, Audi and BMW have been engaged in dynamic rivalries for generations. Both companies have developed signature turbocharged engines and all-wheel drive systems for most of their respective models. Let's take a closer look at the ongoing battle between Audi and its domestic rival.

Comparing the Lineups of Both Companies

When you glance at BMW's latest lineup, you'll quickly realize that there's a heavy focus on full-size sedans and mid-size sport utility vehicles. By contrast, Audi offers a much more diverse lineup of vehicles for a wide customer base worldwide. For example, this company offers more than 10 different types of two-door vehicles for sporty cruising. The A3, A5, and S5 Cabriolets have distinct styles that are virtually unmatched in the current market. The TT Coupe and TT RS Coupe have vintage exterior styling with rounded geometry and aggressive postures. Exceeding the $160,000 mark, the R8 is arguably one of the most dynamic cars made by Audi.

This exclusive model takes clear inspirations from modern race cars. You can also opt for the R8 Spyder convertible trim that carries an even more expensive price tag for justifiable reasons. The BMW Z4 looks quite lonely on a limited lineup of coupes and convertibles. However, BMW should be praised for developing the electric i8 car that has racing-type capabilities with an efficient powertrain. Additionally, the i3 hatchback highlights the company's dedication to leading the industry in innovative energy solutions.

In this highly competitive age, Audi is one of the few auto companies to offer true station wagons. The A4 Allroad has an elongated wheelbase and other distinct geometry. Powered by electricity, the e-tron is arguably one of the most powerful and efficient station wagons in the world. When it comes to SUVs, Audi offers a wide range of luxury levels for drivers in North America. You'll find lots of entry-level features in the affordable Q3, which has a compact body. The SQ5 and Q7 offer more advanced features for just over $50,000. The Sportback design is another unique highlight of Audi's sedan lineup. This label is assigned to the A5, S5, and RS 5 editions. You can also opt for compact sedans that carry reasonable price tags, like the A3 and RS 3. By contrast, BMW has traditionally stayed away from the compact luxury niche.

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