How Do I Connect My Phone With Audi MMI?

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Audi continues to set the standard for comfort and luxury on the road with its Multimedia and Navigation (MMI) system. Here is a seven-step guide for connecting your iPhone or Android device to the platform.

How to Connect Your Smartphone to the Audi MMI System

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes

  1. Place the vehicle in Park and make sure it is in Accessory Mode.

  2. Enable Bluetooth pairing on your smartphone. The phrase, "Audi MMI" should show in the list of nearby compatible devices. Tap the phrase on your device to initiate the process.

  3. A pairing request should appear on both your smartphone and the infotainment screen of your car's system. There will be a code that should be the same in both systems.

  4. Select "Yes" using the vehicle's center control knob when asked by your MMI's system if you want to connect your smartphone to the system. Do not affirm pairing on your phone yet.

  5. Affirm that the pin number displayed on your phone is the same code present on the MMI's platform. Select "Yes" using the vehicle's center control knob.

  6. Select "Pair" on your smartphone when the MMI system confirms its attempts to establish a connection. The system typically sends the following message to affirm that it is in route to pairing with your device: "Establishing Connection. Please Wait."

  7. The MMI system will confirm that a connection attempt was successful after an icon signifying data transference from your vehicle to the device appears. Only the Bluetooth symbol should remain after a successful connection and transfer of data.

Android devices do not automatically pair contact information in the same manner that iPhones sync such information. You must affirm your desire to sync contacts in your Android with the MMI system before the transference occurs.

You can learn more about Audi's MMI system and how to get the most of the brand's technology when you stop by our dealer and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff. Test drive a 2018 Audi car or truck while you're here!

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