8 Reasons Why The New Audi A1 is the Best Companion For An Urban Lifestyle

Audi A1

The new Audi A1 Sportback model is designed to be an ideal companion for drivers embedded In the urban lifestyle. This model features driver assistant systems, infotainment systems and customizable trims. This second-generation compact Audi A1 has 8 major design concepts and features that make a great fit for the urban lifestyle.

Sporty Exterior Design

The body of the vehicle is less than 5 feet high and resembles an Audi Sport Quattro. The low shoulder line from 18-inch wheel-to-wheel helps solidify the vehicle's stance on the road. There are a number of aerodynamic-centric designs on the exterior, including implied side inlets and three flat slits beneath the edge of the hood. The S line also adds a larger rear wing and two fins and twin tailpipes.

Sporty Interior Design

Audi A1

The interior of the A1 Sportback was designed to be the sportiest in the compact class. The customizable, emotive interior is designed to be driver-focused. The MMI touch display and controls are set up like a cockpit for the driver's convenience. On the passenger side, the air vent strip are integrated with black glass design. With the lighting package, the LED light elements throughout the entire vehicle bring the interior to life in 30 different selectable colors.

Freely Combinable Equipment Lines

The A1 Sportback marks the first time Audi has allowed customers to mix and match different interior and exterior options however they like. This modular lines structure feature offers consumers much more flexibility than ever before. Attachments to the exterior are available in different configurations based on whether consumers choose the basic, advanced or S line. Customers can also choose different interior materials and colors based on the Interior design selection, Interior advanced and Interior S line options offered.

The A1 Space Concept

The A1 Sportback is much more spacious for drivers, front passengers and rear passengers than the previous generation. The compact exterior design elements do not take away from the extensive head and legroom passengers have in the rear. Cargo capacity for this generation A1 was also increased. When the rear seats are folded down, you're left with nearly 3 times as much space inside.

Fully Digital Displays and Operations

The Audi Sportback is designed for the digital frontier. The base model features a high-resolution 10.25-inch display, multifunction steering wheel and fully digital instrument cluster, and all this comes standard. A virtual cockpit is an option Audi offers that puts an extended set of functions and information directly within the driver's field of vision.

Infotainment and Audi Connect

The Infotainment concept from Audi's full-size class is also used in the A1 Sportback. The MMI radio is equipped as a standard feature and can be controlled from the display in the digital instrument cluster or the multifunction steering wheel. The MMI 10.1-inch touchscreen and navigation is blended seamlessly into the black glass interior manifold. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and also integrated into the Audi Connect and MMI systems.

Driver Assistance Systems

The driver assistance systems from Audi's full-size class are used in the urban A1 Sportback. Features like standard lane departure, speed limiter, and Audi pre sense front help ensure the vehicle maintains a reasonably safe distance from other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and harm's way.

Sporty Suspension Tuning

The axle on the A1 Sportback is designed to provide drivers with agile handling. Basic and Performance dynamic packages offer a variety of sports suspension components designed for the different engine versions.

You can always contact or visit the Audi Springfield dealership if you'd like to learn more about how the new Audi A1 is the best companion for the urban lifestyle.

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