5 Fall Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Audi in Shape

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Fall is that easy, breezy season that warmly invites us to share in its moderate temperatures, lazy days, and perpetual holidays. Your fall season will go all the more smoother if you make sure that your Audi is ready for the gradual change of the seasons. After all, fall might begin lazy and moderate, but it quickly gives way to the occasional ice or snow storm. You can prepare yourself - and your Audi - or fall by making sure that the Audi vehicle you love so much is ready to brave the elements with you. Here are a few fall maintenance tips to keep in mind as the new season rolls in.

5 Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Audi

By doing these few simple things, you can keep your Audi in great shape.

  • Check Your Oil: As always, oil is one of the simplest and most crucial of a vehicle's ingredients. It keeps the engine and other vital gears running their best, and this translates into better gas mileage for you. Don't overwork your engine this fall. Check your oil! If it's time for an oil change, don't put it off. When the old oil and new fall weather get ahold of your Audi, it could spell disaster. Clean oil changes are golden rule #1.

  • Check your Battery: Batteries sometimes don't respond well to colder weather, especially if they've been on the road for a long time. Battery diagnostics are a crucial first step to making sure that your battery is ready for the change of seasons. And fall is the perfect time to replace your battery! You'll find a lot of great holiday specials to save you money on a new battery.

  • Check your Tires: Tire pressure, wear and tear, and general defects can all doom your Audi for fall. Don't roll into fall before making sure that your four best friends are ready for the occasion. A quick check by a certified technician lets you know whether or not your tires are ready for fall and the eventual winter to come.

  • Check your Wipers: This might sound like a no-brainer - and it is - but you would be surprised how often people underestimate the importance of those simple devices. When fall comes, there's more rain, freezing rain, and snow, so make sure that your wipers are ready to rise to the occasion. When wipers don't function well, visibility on the road drops and can even cause accidents.

  • Check Engine Light Alert: So many people let their check engine light simply remain on, viewing it as a malfunction or some type of annoyance. Don't be one of those unfortunate people. A Check Engine light on in your Audi can spell disaster in the fall and winter months. It's your vehicle's cry for help. If you ignore it, serious problems might loom ahead. Take your Audi in for a computer diagnostics test and get it ready for fall before something more serious arises.


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